About us

Madrugada Concept is one of the leading sellers of PVC joinery.

We invite you to discover the quality of our products: the high end profile systems.
Salamander is equipped with the latest RotoNT metal fittings. The system’s components are carefully tested beforehand, to work properly together with the rest of the elements.

The high-level technology incorporated in our products guarantees the purchase of aesthetic, innovative and best quality windows. The performance of our windows and doors is achieved through the technology, innovation and efficiency used.

We invite you to discover the technologies incorporated into our windows.


PVC Windows and Doors

All profiles are created out of multiple chambers, PVC-U (vinyl poly-chloride), they are heavy duty yet yet they have thin walls as to not occupy too much space. The large resistance chambers help sustain the steel framework.

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Exterior PVC Doors

The first impression is always the most important. That’s why you should choose with great care the main entrance door of your home, which will reflect your personal taste and style. To help you choose the best for you, we offer a large selection of ornamental doors.

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Interior Doors

Interior doors must contribute and compliment the style of your home. You can define the existing ambiance of your interior choosing a door that will go well together.

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Details make all the difference. That’s why we advise you to pay great attention to accessories. We put at your disposal a large selection of accessories for doors and windows.

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